Run for Precinct Committee Officer

I need you to run for Precinct Committee Officer. Join your fellow revolutionaries, do your civic duty, and represent your neighborhood. It only takes your signature and a postage stamp to get your name on the ballot. If you change your mind later, no big deal! The office gives you tremendous power but very little responsibility. Being PCO takes less than a day per year. Holding the position opens up countless leadership and volunteer opportunities if you wish to be more involved.

The primary job of the PCO, once elected, is to attend the “Organization Meeting” of the County Party after the general election in election years. That meeting, by law, determines the leadership both of the County Party and the State Party.

Their secondary responsibility is to host their party’s Precinct Caucus – a neighborhood meeting that chooses delegates to the next level in the Convention process, ultimately nominating their Party’s candidate for President of the United States.

In the past, the Party Establishment has intentionally prevented the voters from having a voice, thereby seizing control of the Convention process. The party establishment then uses that power to ram through the nomination of a candidate chosen by insiders. To ensure a fair, transparent, and neutral presidential nomination process, the Precinct Committee Officers must retain the power in their precincts and districts to oversee the caucus and convention process. This isn’t possible when the vast majority of the offices are vacant. So what are you waiting for? Complete your Declaration of Candidacy and mail it in today!