Congratulations to our new Precinct Committee Officers

So you won your Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) election in August (or were uncontested). Now what?

Congratulations! You are now the PCO for your precinct. Your term began December 1st. Go ahead, tell your friends and neighbors you are an elected official. With that all previous PCOs, party bylaws, and leadership are out. The parties start again with a clean slate, with only RCW 29A.80 governing.

The first thing you'll have to do is to attend your county central committee's organization meeting. As a PCO you are a voting member of the central committee. The central committee is simply the body of PCOs within a county. You should receive notice of the meeting from the retiring chair. The meeting will likely take place in the next week or two, but it could be as late as the second Saturday of January. At this meeting you will, at minimum:

  1. Elect a chair and vice chair of opposite sexes for the county party.
  2. A committeeman and committeewoman, to represent your county in the state committee.
  3. Adopt the initial Bylaws for the operation of the county party.

The second meeting you'll attend is a legislative district meeting, to elect your legislative district chair. Generally that is the only order of business. The meeting is commonly held immediately after the county central committee meeting, but larger counties break the two up. You should receive a call to meeting no later than December 19th. The legislative district chair may be removed only by the majority vote of the elected precinct committee officers in the chair's district.

After that it is really up to you! Unless an elected official from your party needs to be replaced, you don't have any more required duties until the Precinct Caucus in 2016. However, a good precinct committee officer will act as his or her local representative to their party. Talk to your neighbors, get the pulse on your community, and report back at party meetings. It is your job to represent all the voters of your Precinct within your party. The office of Precinct Committee Officer is the most grassroots, and most important, elected position in our state.

Remember, your office can't be revoked by anyone within the party. You will hold office for the full 2 year term unless you resign or are no longer an eligible voter in your precinct. If anyone in your party tells you that you have been removed from office, contact PCO Revolution immediately!